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This is one of the most relaxed places I've been. Just got finished with an early set at Hadd Gruad, right next door to the place you told me about Zeke. Hans, the guy that owns the place is a big Beatles fan, and has a house guitar. You can imagine where that went after the spicy Thai soup and Chang beer! Good Day Sunshine! Gonna head over to the Dragon Hut tomorrow for a day, and then on to Koh Tao island for the fishin' and divin. I'm gonna be scooter trash again tomorrow, 'round the island, and then some down time on the beach. Hey Martin, how does that UFO song go? I've never been around so many un-smiling German tourists in my life. Hey , In My Life.....another for the next set!

So...anybody check my girl? I heard the tsunami made it up there.

Posted by ikombazana 05:47

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God I love that place. I can picture it and feel the warmth. Careful with the country yellow curry! hot tamales!

by Co Riggen

Dude! Ya made it to paradise! Excellent! Make sure you give Rong & Jai at the Dragon Hut our best, really nice folks they are. Watch out for Hans & his group, fun but saw some interesting transactions taking place thereabouts! If ya wanna party head on down to Had Rin, Party Central, catch a full-moon rave if you're there at the right time. Nice, have lunch in Had Salad as well, just over the hill from the Dragon Hut.

by Zeke

Good Day Sunshine? Brang that shit to Howdy, will ya?

A fav of mine!!!

You just have fun, we can tawk later.

  • G*

by Larue

Swing and a miss for Larue.

"Love to Love"
Em Em C D
Em Em C D

G D C Em
Oh it's been too many times and I can't go back
Night bars, guitars, rundown motels like shacks
G D C Em
What it mounts up to I don't want it at all
Lost you and I want you today

G D C Em

  • Misty green and blue

Love to love to love you
G D C Em
Misty green and blue
G D Em
Love to love to love you


To be something,
to be with you
D C Em
Don't say that you'll never know
Love to love to love you

Verse 2
Half the time it could seem funny
The other half is just too sad
This west bound moon's they rise and fall
Lost you and I want you today

To be something, to be near you
I don't know where I'm goin' to
I've tried and I need you to stay

by martin

Well, that didn't format well. You'll figure out where to put the chords...

by martin

Never heard of that one Martin . . . .

by Larue

Chicks dig it. Dave's workin' the United Nations. Love to love to love you. Yeah, baby.

by martin

Ok, google reveals UFO/Hocus Pocus, and the song you mention. Never heard of them or it. Musta been in yer Navy Daze. ;-)

by Larue

Thanks martin, I knew I could count on you! Now a couple Schenker Brothers tunes and I'm in.

by ikombazana

And don't forget to look for Ben. He's very informed! and he shakes up a mean pina!

by co riggen

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