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February 2010

On The Border

A Wat in Chiang Khong on the Lao border

Sunrise on the Mekong, from my balcony, looking across to Lao

My trusty steed pulled up to the gate of yet another amazing Wat

Spendin' two days here in Chiang Khong before I head down The Mekong into Lao for a week. Rented a mountain bike, and the guy at the guest house says "wait I get you map". Comes back with a hand drawn map of the entire border area complete with descriptions and distance in kilometers. That's how I found the Giant Catfish Museum. Spent the rest of day one ridin' along the river, goin' for a swim, talkin' to the locals about fishin' and travelin' along the river.

Oh, and some local river shrimp and Singha.

Bought a great Thai Silk aloha shirt on the border for 3 bucks, and it's green! Anybody want one? Hope everybody's doin' fine, I'll post from Lao,


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And Away We Go

Wat outside Chiang Saen

The now defunct Mekhong Giant Catfish Museumlarge_1IMG_0851.jpg

Guesthouse Restaurant along the Mekhong

My Humble Abode

Not gonna make it to Cambodia...too pricey for me, woulda been an extra $600.00 to fly in and back to where I needed to be. Bo and Kent are flying home out of Ho Chi Minh city so it's on the way for them, it woulda been way out of the way for me. Ted's pickin' me up tomorrow morning and droppin' me off at the boat pier on the Lao border, and then a two day river boat trip down the Mae Khong river to Luang Prabang. Two days there bikin' to the waterfalls and Pak Ou caves, then I'm jumpin' on a small plane (Yikes!) back to Chiang Mai and head up to Mae Hong Son province for more caves, and some river yakkin' at Cave Lodge. (www.cavelodge.com). On to Pai and back up into the mountains. They're really burnin' the rice fields right now so it's kinda smokey in the river valleys. Looks like an LA sunset! When I get to Laos I'll try and find a way to post photos. Everybody's splittin' up at this point to go our seperate ways. Ted and Nattaya to honeymoon in Bali, Bo and Kent to Cambodia, Tom and Carrie to Bali to meet up with Ted and Nat later, and me to Laos. I'm gonna meet up with Ted and Nat in Bangkok on the way home. We've had a great time together, but it's hard to fit seven people in a Tuk Tuk......


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Kok River

Longtail boat trip from Tha Ton, near the Myanmar border to Chiang Rai.

Everybody Onboard!

Local Hangout

Restaurant On The River

Our Pilot

Kent Playin' The Longtail Boat

Ted, Thom, and Carrie Leadin' The Way

Had to get out and walk around at a couple spots due to low water levels.
And have a beer.

The Slow Part

The Fun Part!

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Chiang Mai To Myanmar

Mae Fah Luang Art and Cultural Center, Chiang Railarge_Mae_Fah_Luong.jpg

The Old Wall

The White Wat

Street Life in Chiang Mai

Naga lined stairs to yet another incredible Wat, Mae Sai, Myanmar Border

Myanmar Border

Looking Back into Thailand

Checkin' In

Street Life in Tachiliek Myanmar

Local Transpportation

So we got into Bangkok, took the overnight train to Chiang Mai, which was a kick in the pants! Hung out for a couple days in the walled city, hired a car and went to Chiang Rai. There were two wedding ceremonies for Ted and Nattaya, one in her village, and the other in the swankiest resort on the Kok River with two swimming pools and absolutely amazing food delivered by many a cabana girl. Drove up to Mae Sai and over the border into Myanmar. Lotsa guys with Russian machine guns walkin around. Good food, great beer and I found a Gibson J200 for fifty bucks. Chinese of course! Yesterday we went down to Haad Chiang Rai which is the beach on the bend in the river. Drank a couple Chang beers and ate some really interesting food along the river, took a swim and hung out with some of the locals. Needed VIDEO for the food! Today we're off to take a river boat up to Tha Ton and see the Buddist Monastery, many temples, and stay for the night before taking the river boat back here to Chiang Rai. After that it's on to Laos, and I think Bo, Kent and I are going to fly to Cambodia to see Ankor Wat.
Ya'll have fun, Dave

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Ted and Nattaya's Wedding

Well we've had a great time so far, Ted and Nat got married this morning, the ceremony was fantastic. Everythings good, we're taking a little break at the guest house before the reception tonight at a resort on the Kok river. Hope everybody's doing well, Ill post again soon.

On Our Way To Ban Lao. Me, Ted's friend Linda, and his stepson Eli from Florida.

Friday Night Pre Wedding Dinner

Yum! As in Tom Yum Goong. Spicy Soup

Morning Ceremony, Nattaya's Parent's House, Ban Lao

More Morning Ceremony, Nattaya, Mom, and Puh

Reception Later That Night

The Food And Reception Were Incredible, Rim Kok Resort

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On the Road


Takin' off for Thailand in a week. Time to batten down the boat for a month! The loose itinerary goes like this, Bangkok on Feb 14th, overnight train to Chiang Mai 16-17th, Chiang Rai 18th -21st for Ted and Nattaya's wedding. 21-23rd Mae Sai to Tachileik Myanmar. 23rd-27th Tachileik to Chiang Khong/Huay Xai to Luang Prabang Laos, kayaking the Mekong River. 28th- Mar. 1st Luang Prabang Laos to Doi Mae Salong Thailand and then on to Tha Ton, Fang, and Chiang Dao caves til the 4th or 5th. From there to the Pai Valley, and then on to the Mae Hong Son loop. Three days in the mountains of Thailand through Mae Sariang and end up at Doi Inthanon National Park and the highest peak in Thailand at 8500 ft. From there back to Chiang Mai on the 8th or so, catch a plane or take the train back to Bangkok on the 9th or 10th. Spend a couple of days around the islands south of Bangkok with Ted, Nattaya, and her brother and family, and then fly home on the 15th.

Well......that's kinda the plan anyway, I'll keep you posted.


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Nice Glass

Took this wanderin' around Pioneer Square, Seattle

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Sunset from the back of the boat, while the wildfires were raging in the Santa Cruz mountains.

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